Domexa : Innovative Smart-Lighting with voice control (Amazon Alexa + Zigbee + AI)

Feb 26

Domotics is a neologism deriving from French and it means home automation; It is a discipline studying how to satisfy the needings of the users. Integrating and managing different devices, Domotics automate and simplify every task imaginable in a house context. In summary, we can define domotics as the set of technologies aimed to simplify human's life, inside the environment where humans live.

This concept is opening new development opportunities for electronic producers and software producers. The software is nearing the hardware and this is creating new collaborations between different competencies.

For the aforementioned reason, Domexa is born. It is a lighting kit made of LED drivers, lights and LEDs, sensors, and smart devices useful for managing the environment comfort. It is integrating with software services cloud-hosted and it is able to activate different devices through artificial intelligence.

The purpose of Domexa is the revolution in the usage of a set of products already present on the market to start a technological innovation in the field of Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. The main innovation Domexa is bringing in the world of smart lighting is the introduction of User Interfaces based on voice control.

Domexa is integrating different solutions that go beyond the simple wifi LED. Thanks to the sensors (proximity, audio and temperature), software systems shared between multiple users, and the voice commands (AI skills) is it possible to create different comfort environments. To reach the objective some ad-hoc devices are being developed. These devices use the zigbee3 standard, a driver led of 50W and a set of interfaces to support third-party drivers.

The decision of using the zigbee3 standard is what makes Domexa fit natively with the Amazon Alexa Echo and the Philips Hue without the needing of other hardware. Moreover, the total control of the hardware and firmware of these devices allows the deployment of complicated scenarios not yet existing on the market.

The product aims to reach high reliability, strength, and quality to position itself on the market as a complete and simple solution for the electrical-system installer who is looking for quality products to also use in a different context than home. Eventually, new skills and innovative solutions integrated with Domexa are being developed and released continuously.

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