Dec 06

Cloud Computing and On-Premise (On-Prem): a comparison based on different business needs

Companies have different infrastructure needs and different possible ways to solve. The choice of infrastructure depends on various factors, in particular, the safety and costs that the chosen model produces. The two most used models by companies are cloud computing and on-premise.<...

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Nov 13

Cloud Computing & IoT: Scalability, Security, and Lower Costs

IoT and Cloud Computing represent two distinct technologies. While Cloud Computing deals with the distribution of services (server, storage, database ...) through the Internet (Cloud), the IoT indicates the set of intelligent devices that ...

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Nov 04

Smart cities, innovation in the city to increase services and quality of life

Using the word smart city we mean a city capable of exploiting the opportunities offered by information and communication technologies, to increase prosperity and local competitiveness. It represents a set of urban planning strategies aimed at opt...

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Oct 25

How Predictive Maintenance And The Internet of Things Are Shaping The Smart Manufacturing Companies

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a significant concept for companies that a specific word variant has been defined for the industrial sector: the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). According to recent studies, the smart factory market will exce...

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Oct 10

The new MES for the challenges of industry 4.0: efficiency and production control

"Manufacturing execution systems (MES) are computerized systems used in manufacturing, to track and document the transformation of raw materials to finished goods. MES provides information that helps manufacturing decision makers understand how cu...

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Sep 19

Edge Computing To Analyze Data On-Device, Send Less To The Cloud, Process Information When Internet Is Off While Saving Time And Bandwidth

The Internet of things is uncovering some important cloud-related issues. These are: • Privacy • Time • Space
For this reason the Edge Computing architecture is growing more than expected ...

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Sep 13

5G & Blockchain To Transform The IoT Industry (decentralization, speed and security)

The 5G arises separately from the IoT and represents one particularly fast and powerful mobile connection technology, with better coverage than current networks and reduced latency. Therefore, it is clear that the latter represents an enabl...

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Sep 06

Big Data And The Internet Of Things: Data And Sensors For The Avant-Garde Enterprise (Some Advantages And Examples)

Big Data and the Internet of Things, both these topics are trending these days. While Big Data has been trending over the last years, the approach of integrating the twos is becoming more exciting just now.

The internet of things is ...

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Jun 05

Bee-IoT sponsoring the Green Tech Solution startup during the Focus Live festival in Genoa

Focus Live is a science and technology festival organized by Focus magazine. The festival act as an experiential event moving through five different thematic paths while hosting journalists, scientists, start-ups and experts in different fields su...

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Apr 23

IoT, 8 Key Internet Of Things Trends For 2019: AI, Smart City, Edge-Computing, Voice

The Internet of Things continues in delivering new opportunities for business and this is not going to stop in the next years. New or improved technologies will enable Digital Businesses, says Gartner (the world's leading research and advisory com...

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Apr 11

Health IoT: The smart sensors revolution serving human health (Benefits and Applications)

When we talk about IoT, we refer for the most part to the concept of M2M (machine to machine), or rather the connection and interoperability between devices and other machines (servers, other devices, computers, gateways, smartphones, etc.). The c...

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Mar 04

IIoT, When Industry 4.0 Discovers The Internet of Things: Features and Applications

Industry 4.0 was born thanks to the numerous technological innovations that have made it possible to integrate new production technologies in the field of industrial automation, with the aim of improving and creating new business models and increa...

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Feb 26

Domexa : Innovative Smart-Lighting with voice control (Amazon Alexa + Zigbee + AI)

Domotics is a neologism deriving from French and it means home automation; It is a discipline studying how to satisfy the needings of the users. Integrating and managing different devices, Domotics automate and simplify every task imaginable in a ...

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Feb 21

Precision Farming: The Best Technology To Reduce Costs And Improve The Yield

Farmers nowadays know how difficult it is to manage all the economic or technological aspects of their farms. Due to the articulated market demand, farmers need to do an enormous amount of work to satisfy the market, that is why often farmers don'...

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