One platform, a hive of possibilities

Bee-IoT is an IoT in cloud software platform connecting, controlling, and integrating different systems. Through Bee-IoT is it possible to develop services for monitoring, management, analysis and integration of data and devices

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4 characteristics that make Bee-IoT unbeatable

Bee-IoT aims to simplify and innovate your production processes to break down articulated procedures and reduce costs and work times.

La Piattaforma

The Platform

The heart of Bee-IoT is its platform, a modular system made of different tools and services each one responsible of a determined functionality ready to be deployed

These, interacting with each other, are the gears of a complex system such as a hive allowing the modules and the devices to generate an informative content on the network, in a fast and safe manner.

The Applications

The Applications are tools built on the platform Bee-IoT with the aim of providing specific functionalities for the areathey are built for

Each application is made of one or more software modules and the most famous are:

  • Maintenance and Life Cycle
  • Energetic Management
  • Assets and Fleet Monitoring
  • Controls and alerts
  • Reports and Statistics
Le Applicazioni
I Moduli


The hexagons are the modules at the base of Bee-IoT:

  • PROCESSORS they acquire input data and they process the output results
  • CONNECTORS they manage the connections with other subsystems and devices
  • COLLECTORS they save data in a persistent way using data driven


Data, structured or not, are stored in a persistent way and they are managed by a data warehouse. They are stored in a relational and a NoSQL (Big Data) database to be consulted in a fast, effective, and safe way.

I Dati
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