Bee-IoT sponsoring the Green Tech Solution startup during the Focus Live festival in Genoa

Jun 05

Focus Live is a science and technology festival organized by Focus magazine. The festival act as an experiential event moving through five different thematic paths while hosting journalists, scientists, start-ups and experts in different fields such as physics, artificial intelligence, genetics, climate change and others. The 2019 edition expect three different stages: Genoa, Trento, and Milan. The Genoa stage, hosted at Porto Antico area during Saturday 1 June and Sunday 2 June, benefited from the presence of the Green Tech Solution Team to discuss the environment, ecosystem, and climate because the startup Green Tech Solution applies automation and aviation solutions to the different areas of environmental protection. The magazine wanted the startup to demonstrate its project called Litter Hunter, which uses aerial, terrestrial and marine drones to identify and automatic recovery of the floating plastic. Bee-IoT is a sponsor of the project because it believes in the importance of the project and the theme, moreover Bee-IoT believes in the engineering solutions and applications to the environmental contextes. The system Litter Hunter, made by Green Tech Solutions, sponsored by Bee-IoT and other partners, allows a low costs analysis, survey, and reclamation of floating wastes using drones and automated vessels.

The environment nowadays raises some important questions: pollution and plastic management are twos of the most important challenges for whom interested in environmental protection. For this reason, innovative technologies, hardware (as Litter Hunter) and IoT platforms (such as Bee-IoT), can offer a great contribution, offering vanguard solutions able to face up the problem from a practical and analytical point of view integrating artificial intelligence and data analysis tools.

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