Precision Farming: The Best Technology To Reduce Costs And Improve The Yield

Feb 21

Farmers nowadays know how difficult it is to manage all the economic or technological aspects of their farms. Due to the articulated market demand, farmers need to do an enormous amount of work to satisfy the market, that is why often farmers don't have the time to innovate their farms or simply they don't know exactly how to do it.

Precision Farming is a management strategy that when correctly applied allow a real and consistent cost and processes optimization.

Precision Farming uses modern technologies (sensors, drones, GPS, GIS systems, and so on) to precisely measure and checks every aspect of the work, making automatic most processes and allowing a real analysis of data.

All of this makes possible a cost prevision, the reduction of the energetic consumption and lower usage of pesticides and fertilizers while respecting the environment.

The precision strategy is meant as advanced support for farmers, which were forced to work manually without the help of the new technologies until now. They had to track manually all the data related to fertilizers, field variability, and other variables they need to correctly perform the work and get results.

Moreover, the growing fields' extensions, the new biological agriculture, multination agriculture, and strong competition makes more complicated for farmers the job of ensuring good standards while avoiding distractions.

There are multiple examples of precision agriculture application, such as the use of drones to acquire real-time data from fields and their use to identify irrigation problems or field zones where there is too much or too little water. If a sensor detects a zone where the soil has not enough nutrients it could alert the drones to make let them check if there are real irrigation problems or the detection is a false positive. At the same time, the drones allow evaluating the difference (using multispectral photos or videos) between healthy and not-healthy zones of the field they are checking. This help farmers to check regularly zones that in other circumstances would not be controlled often as it should be. Obviously, this lets farmers save time and money because they are able to check and compare different and extended fields they own.

Another element to consider is that thanks to the modern RF technology (offering trusty connectivity for intelligent irrigation systems) become possible to having connectivity for the intelligent sensors over long distances with a lower energetic expenditure while solving the problem of the bad wireless connectivity in the rural zones that in the past years has not allowed the adoption of these kind of advanced technology.

Bee-IoT enter the world of precision farming to support farmers and farms to solve specific problems with hi-tech solutions based on the Internet Of Things. Given the experience of the team in the development of innovative solutions, Bee-IoT is a modular and adaptable solution useful for applying innovative strategies such as precision-farming to automate, improve and optimize the costs in a complete way because powered by professionality and competencies.

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