5G & Blockchain To Transform The IoT Industry (decentralization, speed and security)

Sep 13

The 5G arises separately from the IoT and represents one particularly fast and powerful mobile connection technology, with better coverage than current networks and reduced latency. Therefore, it is clear that the latter represents an enabling technology for the IoT in all circumstances and in particular due to its integration with the Blockchain, which operates in different areas and on the web is increasingly widespread, especially when referring to the crypto values.

However, the real blockchain revolution concerns its application in other areas such as business and industry 4.0 because it allows companies to discover new forms of efficiency and new competitiveness. For example in the manufacturing, supply chain and quality control where it is intended as a database that thanks to the concept of distributed consensous and its usefulness in tracking various connected devices and related transactions (preserving the security of the processed data) brings some important advantages such as scalability, respect for privacy and reliability.

Currently, the IoT makes intensive use of centralized architectures, which is estimated in the coming years they will be the real bottleneck of these systems, therefore the use of the Blockchain for decentralization could prove to be an ad-hoc solution to this problem. The Blockchain once adapted to the IoT context, will allow the devices to communicate and process transactions directly and securely without having to go through a central authority. Of course, the absence of a central server also brings some disadvantage, an example of this may be the need to store the transactions registers on the nodes, which in the IoT sector can be more complicated because of the limited amount of available space for storage of information on IoT peripherals.

The two technologies (5G & Blockchain) complement each other, because while using the blockchain it is possible to monitor the information and catch anomalies in real-time, the integration of 5G allows these technologies to be applied without incurring in latency problems or periods of absent connection that could produce significant inconveniences.

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