Big Data And The Internet Of Things: Data And Sensors For The Avant-Garde Enterprise (Some Advantages And Examples)

Sep 06

Big Data and the Internet of Things, both these topics are trending these days. While Big Data has been trending over the last years, the approach of integrating the twos is becoming more exciting just now.

The internet of things is showing the benefits that an interconnected world can offer us, but what happens when we add petabytes of data generated from those interconnected devices? The Big Data is a technology phenomenon born to process, store and analyze big amounts of data; in this context for analyzing data coming from IoT to stimulate decision making in multiple contexts where all this is applied. This comes at a cost: the demanding of innovative and more advanced storage solutions.

Generally speaking the enablement of the data analysis through the Big Data can be useful in revealing trends, finding paths, hidden correlation or even new information.

Let's look at some interesting benefits:

  • • The Industrial Internet Of Things is the interconnection of industrial devices. In this scenario Big Data is helpful in monitoring, analyzing, detecting and collecting data from industrial sensors. This enables the behavioural control of the industrial devices

  • • The Edge Computing is more in demand because is becoming more and more important to analyze in a secure and fast manner all the data generated from devices. For this reason, the processing systems are being put more frequently at the edge of the network, exactly where the data is generated.

  • • The emergence of more and more automated and self-service analytics platform (analytics as a service).

  • • Innovation in the health industry (e-health). Using big data the scientists and physicians have the opportunity of making hypothesis-driven research, moreover, a new way of remote diagnosis with more appropriate disease analysis will be possible thanks to the connected sensors.

We can assume that this intersection between IoT and Big Data add value to the businesses because it allows the extraction of a massive set of data to obtain insight and subsequently increase the business ROI. All these possibilities have the potential to revolutionize our society for better, but we also are aware of the new problems that can arise from their application, first of all, the security of the sensors, devices and its relative networks, which could be used to penetrate systems and steal sensitive information.

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